Psychological Art Studio

There are hundreds and thousands of people in Moldova who are suffering from violence and abuse in their families. Art is a very powerful tool to overcome these injuries and psycho-emotional shock.

In BOL’s Psychological Art Studio (PAS), we combine art and psychological care, taking advantage of the best discoveries in these areas. 



Pas purpose:

Through the art - painting and handcrafting, to help people to solve their inner problems, as well as to teach them how to cope with the pain and consequences of trauma suffered in life.


Our objectives:


  • To familiarize people with different kinds of art techniques, materials, tools.


  • To help each person visiting PAS to discover and develop his\her talents and abilities.


  • To hold meetings and discussions on spiritual and moral themes.


  • To hold master-classes at Handmade as in a group, so individually.


  • At the painting classes to teach looking at the world with different eyes. 


  • To organize the exhibitions of works made within the classes.


Our center is created for:


  • Women - victims of trafficking and sexual violence, who are passing rehabilitation and reintegration program at the center of Beginning of Life.


  • Girls - teenagers at risk from the transition center "Dream House"


  • Children aged 12-14 from disadvantaged and poor families


  • Adults, who applied for help from a psychologist in our organization undergoing difficult life situations in your life. 


  • Problem teens, directed to us on the recommendation of public schools.


In our center people in need can find professional psychological assistance - a consultant, who helps people to identify their problems and to find ways to address it. One of such healing methods used in the PAS is an art-therapy. 

Also in our center there is a painting class, where is allowed good opportunity to learn drawing and creating the composition, as well as how to see and to mix the colors.

Another area of PAS activity is handcrafting, which come and make beautiful things with their hands. This is the time and place, where people can combine creativity and communication on useful topics.

We desire through art to touch the souls and heart of people. To show them beauty of God’s creation and to help them to see God - who makes a difference in people’s lives. We believe that art and each of us are His instruments for restoration of brokenness. Our dream is that in the lives of people, who are coming to our studio, will appear changes, which God intended for them.

Our center is non-commercial, because of the fact that people who looking for help are from such social groups, which cannot afford to pay for classes.

For materials for lessons we turn for help to the different donor groups. And also try to use as much as possible natural materials and the old things that can be transformed through art.  



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