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Beginning of Life - Opened doors and hearts for Christmas

Opened doors and hearts for Christmas

Category: News Created on 11 January 2016

This year during Christmas time Comrat Center has opened wide its door for more than 300 teenagers who participated at the special holiday events. Starting with 16th of December till 21st, the Urban team, along with volunteers from Way to Success courses enjoyed the kids with plenty of interactives, competitions, games and beautiful explanation of the Christmas holiday’s real meaning, with special gifts at the end for everyone.

The goal of the events was to offer children fun time, a good pleasant entertaining program, giving the fact that most of them live only with their grandparents, away from their parents’ warmth love and affection, or in needy situations. In addition to their fun time, the team introduced the children to the interesting idea of making Christmas time pleasant not only for them, but for others around them also, learning not to be only consumers, but also to give their best in living for others. In order to do this, children received the opportunity to prepare gifts on their own and then choose someone to share the gifts with, an action which we call "The formula of good deeds (1-1 = 2)".

Our initial idea was to invite at the center children together with their teachers and parents, so they will share their joy and participate together in the performed activities. To our surprise we welcomed a great number of teachers and parents that gave us only good impressions about the activities. We even noticed some of the parents saying that never could even think about the fact that their children would agree to take an empty box on Christmas and fill it in order to make someone else happy sur ce site. As well, to our surprise all of our volunteers from the Way to Success courses showed great interest and passion in conducting the activities with the children. More than that, not long after we gave start to our series of events, they took almost entire control of the program on them proving quality and dedication towards children, fact which demonstrates that our students have the potential to be involved in ministries with adolescents and children, teaching and mentoring others to achieve success and growth in many of life spheres. Children reacted positive to the entire time of being there, were very open and active to the challenges. This is an amazing encouragement for our work in Comrat town, being witness to many opened doors and possibilities of reaching out the young generation. We continue to get involved and make the difference there where is needed.



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