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Beginning of Life - Love - more than just Words (video)

Love - more than just Words (video)

Category: News Created on 15 February 2016

This year our team of volunteers and leaders from Balti decided to celebrate love outside of their close circles of friends or family. They went in the center of the city to reach couples of various ages through a special social action dedicated to LOVE.

We wish to call it special  because starting with the very first idea and ending with preparation and implementation of the action itself, all was elaborated by our passionate and dedicated young volunteers. In order to draw people's attention and raise awareness, they came up with the name: "Love - more than just words." Their desire was to awaken people's attention towards the importance and need of love within families and society, a love that goes beyond thoughts and words, but is showed in practice.

 Within the center they set up a thematically design, with a small stage equipped with microphone for those willing to stand up and publicly declare their love, a special table with cookies and hot tea to warm up, along with all the volunteers dressed in white and red approaching people to discuss about love. What is interesting is that the first ones who came out to encourage passersby for taking action were the leaders and volunteers themselves. They shared beautiful words of love, encouragement and shared gifts. Soon, we had not only young couples approaching and participating, but also old couples, which was very surprising for all of us my link.

Looking back, we believe that the success consisted not only in the well-run event and interested citizens to participate, but also in the fact that our young students and volunteers set an example of love and affection towards each other and people around. Now we know for sure that at least a very small part of the town learned that love is a daily gift which is best proved not only through words, but also through actions, and that people are very open to receive and give love, our duty is to help them put it in practice!  



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