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Beginning of Life - There is Hope in the Weakness (video)

There is Hope in the Weakness (video)

Category: News Created on 25 May 2016

Celebrations within Early Learning Center always bring charm and joy to our small students and their mothers. For each event we try to create a different atmosphere, where both mothers and children join hearts together and grow in relationship as they learn to rejoice and show appreciation.

Moreover, with every class or meeting held, they become more aware of their vulnerability and need for holistic intervention and transformation. As time goes on, we find joy in their positive changes and openness for more.

            One of these single mothers we are proud of is Elena, mother to three beautiful little girls, a 5 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old girls. Besides these children she has two other children that live with her husband since they got divorced. For several years, all four of them share the same room with another single mother and two of her children within a small village outside of Chisinau, facing poverty and lack of employment.

            When she was invited to the project, Elena had low interest for improving other spheres rather than the material, and because they live outside of Chisinau she attended classes only once a week, classes for her older children. Thus, she never tried or proved much interest in getting Jasmina, the youngest daughter involved within the class activities. Even though we were encouraging her to invest attention in Jasmina also, she had less interest in that. But one time, Jasmina managed on her own to put together all mosaic pieces of a picture, fact that amazed us and her mother. From that moment on, Elena changed her attitude towards Jasmina and began to cultivate trust and to focus more attention on Jasmina's potential and abilities.

            Now Elena is one of the few mothers within our project that strongly acknowledged and understood her vulnerability, her lack of protection and turned into a active mother regarding attendance and dedication, learning how to properly educate and love her children. She shows great passion when it comes to playing together with them, encourage and support their skills and talents' development. Now she comes more than once a week to ELC for various classes and activities we organize. We are proud and happy to understand that she gained great interest and pleasure in learning how to improve her state as mother and her children's education.



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