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Beginning of Life - No Giant Is Too Big for Great Leaders

No Giant Is Too Big for Great Leaders

Category: News Created on 02 August 2017

Over the years, we have increasingly come to realize that Moldova needs young, strong leaders to respond with compassion and transparency to the acute needs and problems of our society. To that end, the act of training and growing such leaders within our Child and Youth Development Program has always been the main concern, giving special attention and passion to reaching out and raising such people. 


This year, frankly for the first time in the program’s activity, we conducted a special conference with the specific aim of getting all team groups challenged to participate, to prepare homework long before the event itself… yes, you heard right! Each participant at the conference was supposed to join a team and prepare for the conference before it even started, thus building interest, team work and leadership skills before talking together about it. We encouraged each team to study a book, spend time together in learning about each others strengths and weaknesses and grow as agents of social transformation, practicing various activities together.

Coming together for the conference, our participants - about 300 people from various regions of the country - proved to be more engaged within activities and discussions, facing the prepared challenges with skills and accuracy. Besides group discussions and time for learning from experienced leaders and church ministers, they had to compete with each other in various sport and intellectual contests, leading to a winning team which almost no-one expected – our fresh, second promotion of girls from Dream House. 

Talking with the girls from Dream House, all confessed they never thought that winning was possible, consolidating those thoughts with the idea that there were much more experienced and trained participants.

Lena, one of the girls, said: ‘’We tried to take the most out of this event, both before, in our preparation time and at the conference itself. Although we live in the same house every day, trying to interact with each other, this special time of conference helped us build stronger relationships and improve greatly our friendship. We have more interest in each others lives now and in opportunities of growth. Indeed, we are very happy to have gone through this amazing experience. Now, we are not afraid anymore to stand up and face giants, every day!”

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