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Beginning of Life - 2017 A Year of Great Achievements (video)

2017 A Year of Great Achievements (video)

Category: News Created on 11 January 2018

It was an amazing year for us at Beginning of Life, a year in which our hard-working team and volunteers reached oud and helped thousands of people to cope with their inner, spiritual and physical problems.

We managed to build new relationships with individuals and public institutions within our country, to support children and young people within their development and to provide assistance for women and girls, victims of social injustice.

                During this year, ‘Metamorphosis’ Program welcomed about 96 single mothers and 114 children in the Early Learning Center, our kindergarten for mothers and their babies. We witnessed their hunger and desire for changes, learning how to become better mothers and how to build a better future for their children. Over 240 needy families received material assistance from program’s Humanitarian Aid Center, and 1600 people were one-time assisted with necessary clothing, food and other supplies. Together with them, our psychologists provided about 134 consultation for people fighting with various traumas and inner problems.

The ‘Children and Youth Development Program’ managed to actively equip and train over 16,000 students in public schools with prevention classes, helping them to be aware and prepared for various dangerous obstacles in life. Moreover, our social teachers continued to train children, adolescents and young people within the alternative education classes conducted on Urban Center’s territory, 5D classes and Way to Success, out of which 250 students successfully graduated. In addition, more than 250 teachers from public schools were trained with our materials to go back into their schools and reach other young people.

                ‘Studio of Innovative Leadership’ held monthly trainings on various theological and social topics for 64 students coming from all over the country and learning how to grow as leaders in order to go out into society for great acts of changes. Moreover, the program was able to conduct two big events, two conferences dedicated to social and spiritual transformation of our society, with over 300 participants for each conference.


2017 is finished, but not our ambitious dreams! We continue to dream, to grow vision and to act in order to see our society change. Thank you for being part of our ministry, for praying and for supporting us in our desire for holistic transformation.









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