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Beginning of Life - Hand in hand with those in Need

Hand in hand with those in Need

Category: News Created on 27 July 2018

With every step we take, further and deeper into the brokenness and poverty of our society we encounter thousands of precious lives that cry out for a helping hand out of the misery.

By doing that, success has never been measured in numbers, although over the years, here at Beginning of Life the numbers have grown, but rather in transformed lives and communities.

                This year again we experienced great joy, to have walked along side with many people, helping them within their process of holistic transformation. For several days in a row at the Early Learning Center we have celebrated the graduation of 70 single mothers and 90 children, learning how powerful was the support and impact that the program has brought into their lives.

Immediately after that, we congratulated and offered certificates to 39 students of the Psychological Art Studio, young and mature people who successfully ended the one-year special program of art therapy, gaining victory over their emotional traumas, fears and inability to find joy and purpose in life.





And not least, 83 young boys and girls, students within our ‘Child and Youth Development Program’ graduated and moved on as mentors for the younger students, leaders and successful agents of social transformation, here at home, in Moldova.

Now, within this new semester that lies ahead of us, we pray for new opportunities, news strengths and patience to overcome obstacles and to continue to reach our hands out to the vulnerable.


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