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Beginning of Life - Yesterday Students - Today Leaders

Yesterday Students - Today Leaders

Category: News Created on 30 July 2018

Studio of Innovative Leadership successfully graduated two groups of 21 students this year, leaders, young people and adults who are now more equipped and ready to be actively involved in the field of holistic transformation of our society.

We look back at the many hours and days spent together in helping our students find answer to the most important questions related with their ministry and field of implication, building better skills and knowledge on how to implement what they’ve learned and through that bring change into the neediest and most vulnerable contexts of the country.

Our graduates shared their joy and gratitude together with other 50 guests, friends and relatives who were there to support them. All 21 students shared their experiences, things they’ve learned and how Studio of Innovative Leadership impacted their ministry and life in general. Here are just some of the testimonies that we were delighted to hear…


Dimitrii Lambru

‘’These 3 years of consistent learning and practice greatly influenced my holistic transformation and growth. The hundreds of kilometers we had to drive every month, coming to trainings were not always comfortable and easy, but we have no regrets, as we learned so many things that simply changed our lives. After every training, every meeting with our teachers we went back home as eagles - passionate and inspired to go and bring changes to our communities.”


Tatyana Ormanji

“When I look back and try to describe the impact that SIL had on me for all these years, I refer to the image of a plant or a tree growth. Especially when you buy a beautiful plant for the inner house decoration, if it lacks enough care, water, fertilizers, etc. it will soon die. For me Studio of Innovative Leadership was that care and that good water that helped me grow and give fruits to people around me. At SIL I was helped to better understand the context I live in and how to work more fruitfully. I was motivated, encouraged and inspired to never stop impact my society. If shortly, I would say that SIL means: Most interesting and attractive lessons, Strong and experienced leaders, Students in search for better and more and Collaboration of people with initiative.’’



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