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Beginning of Life - Appeal, we are not used to…

Appeal, we are not used to…

Category: News Created on 07 August 2018

Dear partners and friends of Beginning of Life

We are not used to this kind of appeals, but the situation we find ourselves in now, forces us to do that...


As you know, during the years our team through Educational Program was reaching thousands of children and young people, serving them in schools and in Urban Center, offering awareness and new perspectives and skills. We were piloting and developing practical tools and models for school teachers and community leaders, who can reach now much more children in Moldova and other countries.

But, not so many people knew that at the same time, this program during the last two years was struggling with its funding. Resources, due to changes on a local and global scale, was decreasing significantly.  And this year, our educational team find itself in a very difficult situation, when the funding is running out catastrophically. Required resources remain for just couple of months. And until the end of this year we need 13 500 euro (or 15.522 $) no to leave the children without support. That’s why we appeal to all our friends to join us in the efforts to raise needed funds for our educational ministry. We are open to any gifts and support from you and your friends and partners, churches., anyone who want to be a part of this work.










We want to keep our children having this opportunity to learn, be equipped and empowered for future…

If you or your friends or partners decide to support this initiative – use following ways:

Name: AO „Inceputul Vietii”

Identification code:  1012620000079

Bank account: (EUR):      MD58AG000000022511614135 

                  (USD):      MD73AG000000022511256711 

                  (GBP):       MD27AG000000022511937218

                  (MDL):      MD30AG000000022511256709


    Bank code (SWIFT) AGRNMD2X

    Bank  BC “Moldova-Agroindbank” SA  Chişinău

     str. Constantin Tănase 9/1, Chişinău, Republica Moldova



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