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Beginning of Life - Real People – Real Changes

Real People – Real Changes

Category: News Created on 10 May 2019

We are happy to see how people find support, learn how to overcome traumas and life challenges, taking courage and building resilience in the process of work that we do. Every season grows in numbers, in transformed and empowered lives for better communities and a better country.


At Dream House, as the girls come closer to the ending of their 3-year education program, we confront them with some of the most difficult questions and challenges which they will have to deal with once they go out into society and practice independent life. We are proud to see the girls embracing changes and independent life, being ready and equipped to live a safe, resilient life in the country.

As well, at the Psychological Art Studio we have welcomed dozens of new people and students to the art therapy sessions, women, children and young people taking part and speaking about the enormous emotional support and healing that they find every day in the work process. Single mothers with children, facing serious financial difficulties continue to receive employment opportunities at the Art Story Shop and the Culinary Program, launched in partnership with Open Gates International.

We rejoice as well for the many positive results, part of the Children and Youth Development Program, speaking about both, numbers and also individuals that have been transformed and equipped holistically, stepping out of vulnerability, manipulation and many other such issues, into a fruitful way of life, with a different mindset and that bring impact into the people’s lives and society. In the past few months took place over 50 prevention classes in the public schools of the capital, interacting with more than 1300 students from various backgrounds and social status.










This is our mission, our passion and great desire to be there where differences are needed. We are grateful for all the local and international support, commonly pursuing desire and action to see Moldova transformed holistically.


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