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Beginning of Life - "Saw of Goodness"

"Saw of Goodness"

Category: News Created on 12 April 2014

Saw of GoodnessIf people in the cities don’t really worry about heating in winter, as they have central heating or gas, for people in rural areas of Moldova it is an essential issue. The only source of heat in the winter, and for cooking during the year, is firewood. For families with adult or young men to bring and cut firewood, it’s not a big deal. But for poor families with old people or single mothers with little children, it’s a real problem. They receive firewood for the winter from local authorities, but then have to saw up and chop the logs themselves. Aware of this need, BOL created ‘Saw of Goodness’, a volunteer project for young and strong men who are not indifferent to other people’s needs.

Within the Urban Center training course, "Way to Success", our team gives special attention to social awareness and sensitivity among young people. "Saw of Goodness" is an opportunity to see other people and to serve them. Within the last two months, volunteer teams made four short mission trips to villages. After the wood chopping was done, one woman admitted: "I didn't know what I would do with these big logs. I have no equipment and no strength to do all that. Most likely, I should pay someone, and the following two weeks go hungry...” Volunteer Alex told us: "I never thought before that someone can have such problem and need help to chop firewood for winter. To do good things is so pleasant...”

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