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Beginning of Life - Small Steps of Big Victories

Small Steps of Big Victories

Category: Stories Published on 23 May 2016

Psychological assistance has always been a vital tool within BOL's mission of helping women and young people overcome their most difficult emotional and psychological issues, in order to enjoy a safe and productive life within society.


            One of this people is an 18 years young man, student in one of capital's high schools. It is interesting that he grew up in a good, financially secure family here in the city, but in spite of that he came to BOL for psychological assistance, directed by one of his school teacher's and by his parents. We were surprised to learn about his high level of knowledge, social skills, and even moral and ethical principles, which in fact didn't stop him from unordinary, sometimes inadequate actions. In class he would talk very loud, always criticize teachers, challenge their point of view in order to prove them wrong, he will tell hurtful jokes about other students, doing his best to get attention. Outside of school he was rude and at times even violent towards peers, with no reaction towards his parents' comments, considering that his parents do not understand him, moreover - they limit and overprotect him, not giving him opportunities to assert himself in life.

            Within first days of consultation he behaved arrogantly, emotionally closed for a constructive conversation and giving very poor answers to all the questions, strongly indicating that he was not interested in communication and that he came there not by his choice. Most times he was trying to justify his behavioral defects by saying that others don't properly understand him, or don't know him well enough. Later on he said that in such way he tries to stand out from the crowd and to protest against the usual stereotypes. However, surprisingly from the very beginning he was agree to work together with the psychologist on certain things of his character, such as laziness, irritability, inability to comply with regulations, disrespect, and so on. Thus, within few months of work, to our great joy things improved considerably. All defects regarding wrong judgments and convictions, problems with emotional and behavioral response, definition of objective self-esteem and goal setting slowly disappeared and automatically improved his behavior. According to his teacher's response - he became a very different person. His parents confirmed that he changed his attitude towards them, being more open and willing to spend time and talk with them. Moreover, the young man himself expressed satisfaction and gratitude regarding the changes that have occurred as result of consultations and trainings he was involved in. He declared that he did not expect such positive results, and he promised to come back for assistance each time when he will notice emotional and behavioral wrongdoings.

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