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Beginning of Life - Strong Enough to Fight Again

Strong Enough to Fight Again

Category: Stories Published on 23 August 2016

Not long ago Veronica was a fighter, both literally and figuratively, until one day when all the ‘pillars’ standing firm and bringing her happiness simply collapsed. In a short time she lost her loving mother, suffered a physical trauma and, on top of all that, her husband decided to leave her and form a new family. There she was, along with her two little children, with no emotional or material support and unable to continue her sporting career.


After about three years without a husband, Veronica decided to give life a second chance in spite of the firm decision she made before not to love a man again. But unfortunately, after giving birth to her third child, her second husband also left. It was very difficult for Veronica to grow enough emotional and physical strength simply to avoid completely falling down. Many times she had barely enough around the house to give her children to eat and not watch them cry themselves to sleep. The only stable, but short-term, income Veronica received had been the $100 allowance from the government for being a single mother of three children. However, after a certain time, social representatives came and mentioned about employment being a requirement for supplementing the small allowance she had. She couldn’t take a job as she had to stay at home with the children.  So Veronica was at risk of losing either the allowance or parental rights.

Fortunately, one day Veronica heard from a friend about the support she could receive at BOL. A few words about us were enough for her to make the decision to come to the project in the hope of better days. At once we noticed how deep her pain was and her need for more than just material help. Both Veronica and her little boy, Marius, lacked the joy, socialization and skills for a fortun


Besides Marius, Veronica spoke about the success of her other two older children who – as a result of the patience, love and support she developed in the center and played out at home –had made great progress at school and learned to obey her in all things. With much joy and pride in her eyes, she said: “Not long ago, there were so many closed doors before me, before my family. But now things have changed. I have confidence and hope in tomorrow.” Furthermore, one day Veronica dreams to be able to help other children as we helped hers.  In her words, “I’ve always dreamed to open an orphanage, where many children will know what love and support is. Now, after learning so much and changing the way I view things, this desire grows even more. If it was in my powers, I would have fought more for the development and expansion of such social ministries as BOL, which understands and reaches out to people like us.”ate family environment. Marius had a hard time interacting with the other children, since the only playmates he had from birth were his older brother and sister. Now things changed so much for him, as he learned to share joy – and toys – with other children. Moreover, in the social teacher’s view, Marius is leaving behind his first successful steps of proper early development, understanding and trying out motor skills, drawing, differentiating objects, colouring and generally growing in joy and passion for life. Nervousness, shyness, selfishness and other issues he had in the beginning have been slowly overcome.

Today, Veronica is not totally free from income shortfalls, fears and failings. We understand that full success needs time and great attention. But, we know for sure that she found sufficient strength and resilience to fight again and improve her family situation by daily effort, love and hard work.


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