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Beginning of Life - A Better Tomorrow starts Today

A Better Tomorrow starts Today

Category: Stories Published on 02 August 2017

Elena is a 18 years old girl growing up in a family of 5 children, with no father. Losing her husband, Elena’s mother radically changed. The pain and lack of her man’s emotional and physical support slowly pushed her away from her children, giving less and less attention to their emotional needs – more important than food and clothing.

Ever since, Elena remembers growing with both emotional and material shortcomings.

                When she left her home, still very young to go to studies Elena left with pain for leaving her sisters behind and discouraged for never seeing the light at the end of their dark family tunnel. There, while studying Elena learned about Urban Center from Comrat and enrolled for Way to Success classes. Meeting her we never even imagined she was going through all that pain, giving the fact that she was one of the few student girls from the center with very good school achievements, excellent behavior and always positive and communicative. However, time spent together in classes, individual discussions opened Elena’s heart, and she told us about her frustrations and desire to bring changes into her family situation.

Slowly, during classes, she was able to learn about some of the ways she can participate in the process of her family’s transformation, like developing simple gratitude for small, daily things that she gets from her mother and also giving efforts to somehow be more handy at home. All the resentments were pushing her back, every time when she tried to act differently towards better result, but Elena did not stop fighting. One day when she went home from school to visit her family she found out they had very little to eat. Her heart was ready to help then, so when she went back to school Elena took some of the food products she kept safe within her dormitory and delivered them to her mother together with a gratitude letter. Few hours later, her mother called to thank her for her gifts, something that she had never done before so sincerely and humbly. That was the moment when Elena understood how easy things could take a different turn if anger and contempt are replaced with a loving, serving attitude.

Today, things are very different. Elena speaks more and more about her family, about the way they try to grow love and support for one another. However, family is just her first step – we see Elena as a growing leader and influencer for shaping and changing other people’s situation around, which is exactly what we fight and long for. 

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