Letter to “Beginning of Life” team

Category: Stories Published on 08 January 2014

Dear “Beginning of Life” members, I would like to express my gratitude for your active participation in my life!!! Your contribution to my life can not be described in words! I am very thankful for everything you did for me during the past school year!!!

My name is Sveta and I am 22 years old. For the first time I came to the “Beginning of Life” when I needed psychological help. Then I met Iulia Ubeyvolk. At that point, it seemed to me that my life had no sense and I was on the verge of suicide. But due to the assistance I have received it did not happen and I am alive!!! Since childhood I have been dreaming to go to university, but somehow this dream could not come true because of continuing problems in the family. I was born and raised in a family where there always were scandals, quarrels, problems, father was always beating mother, and there always were problems with finances.

In 2001, my father died but the experience my mother went through disrupted her nervous system (she suffers from schizophrenia and the hospital became her “second home”). After father’s death, my older brother started drinking and continues to drink until today. When I was 17 years old, I had to earn my bread on my own and help the sick mother and the alcohol addicted brother. I graduated from the ninth form of the secondary school, and over five years I was working and taking care of them. I did not believe that there could be some change and would have the possibility to continue my studies. Once again, I came to Julia Ubeyvolk looking for help. I wanted to find a job and an apartment to live in with my mother in Chisinau and keep her away of the permanent problems my brother was creating. I was not dreaming about studies any more, but Julia suggested me to achieve what Iwanted most. And I agreed! I went to college. Very often, God does miracles in the very last moment when we stop thinking about our wishes and dreams ... He makes miracles in the life of people suffering from disap-pointment and despair. Without the help of the “Beginning of Life” organization I would not be able to continue my studies, but thanks to its support (the tuition fee was paid and I have got a monthly stipend), I was able to finish my first college year! I am immensely grateful to God and to this wonderful organization for the project “Educa tion”. Without the involvement in my life of the “Beginning of Life” organization I wouldn’t achieve anything of this. At the meetings held within the project “Education” it was always pleasant to come! It was interesting to sew cloth dolls, make greeting cards. I thank God and the “Beginning of Life” organization for providing me the opportunity to learn, for the wonderful time I have spent! This year was full of challenges as well as blessings! At the same time, the “BoL” team is a good example for me. I liked the way employees behaved towards each others and this behavioral model deserves to be followed! I have learnt a lot from the “Beginning of Life” team members! I have learnt to be more positive and good-humored. I was trying not to spoil other people’s mood with my bad one (I have been depressed for a long time because of my family problems and this is how I feel for many years), I have learnt to be friendly and enjoyed being in this organization seeing everyone nice and friendly. Having around such wonderful people I understand that in this world there is something good remained, there are still people with whom it is always pleasant to talk and work! “Beginning of Life” became the beginning of my life too … and this is a wonderful gift God offered me... I am afraid to imagine my future life without the perfect God’s plan for my life! After graduating from college, I would like to do something useful for God and people! I dream to write a book about my life! I have been praying to make it come true ... but still did not understand the will of God about it. And I also have a huge desire to find out what is my calling and understand my place in this life. I want to serve people and help the socially vulnerable groups of citizens... I grew up in a socially vulnerable family and I think that my own life experience could help me serve others! I thank once again the “Beginning of Life” staff members for everything they have done for me. I wish you abundant blessings from God and success in your future endeavors!!! It would be wonderful to have many more such organizations in a world where full of problems and difficulties!


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