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Beginning of Life - She returned to the Father

She returned to the Father

Category: Stories Published on 31 January 2014

Kira was born in a small Moldovan town in a very poor family with many children. They constantly fought for survival. Poverty and family quarrels eventually brought them to the point where the parents divorced. From this moment on their life became even harder. Tired of never-ending poverty and humiliations, Kira left school at 13 years old and went to look for a job. “I wanted to become free and independent, to find a better life than what I had at home. However, everything was more difficult than I thought. I tried to find any job I could but without education, experience and professional skills nobody wanted to hire me…”


Years later, at the beginning of 2011, Kira was in very difficult financial situation. When she read the announcement in the newspaper about employment abroad, she thought that this was her chance. The job offered was work as a waitress in the Arab Emirates with very favorable conditions. Kira agreed and gave her passport and paperwork for the contract. The friend tried to dissuade Kira from the trip, saying that it was most likely a trap for exploitation. Kira tried to refuse the job, but was confronted with many threats and insults. The agents demanded that she return all the money spent on her tickets, paperwork, and the fee for each day spent on her. It was a question of thousands of dollars and so Kira was forced to go in the hope that everything would turn out for the best.

Kira was transported through Russia, to Dubai. On the very first day Kira was sent to a brothel where, without any reservation, the pimp explained her that he had spent a lot of money to purchase her and that she now had to work off her debt. “I refused to be engaged in prostitution, but this man quickly broke me down. He just let me know that if I won’t “work”, he will simply bring me to the desert and there he will kill me…”

Every single day for six months Kira persistently looked for an opportunity to escape. And once, one of clients agreed to take her for a night to his home. Having snatched the moment, she called through Skype to the La Strada hotline, which she had known for a long time and considered her only hope. In the same night the police released Kira and, through time, sent her back home to Moldova. Some months later the social services brought Kira to “Beginning of Life”, in the “House of Change” (rehabilitation center for victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking). Months of cruel exploitation had left deep scars both on Kira’s body and her soul. Some of them continued to bleed. When she was in Dubai Kira had accepted Islam after deciding that the Christian God had left her and that only Allah could protect her. The first months in the “House of Change” were difficult for Kira. She refused to submit and participate in the program. She was very withdrawn and both nightmares and a deep depression reminded her of all she had experienced. Even when the other girls persuaded her to come to church, Kira refused to pray, sing, or listen to the sermon. Although she had attended church as a child and it was something familiar, Kira prayed to Allah and tried to fulfill all the things required of a Muslim.

Half a year later something changed inside Kira’s heart. It was completely unexpected but at a Christian youth meeting, with tears in her eyes, she prayed to God and asked for forgiveness. It was so much like the return of the prodigal son to the Father from the parable in the Gospels. “For a long time I couldn’t believe that God loves me, that the people in this center are sincere in their attempts to help and protect me. As I go through life God’s people showed up again and I rediscovered my childhood faith that God is waiting for me...” unexpectedly for all of us, at the Christian youth meeting she with tears addressed to God, asking for forgiveness. It was so much alike to return of the prodigal son to the Father from the Gospel’ parable. From that day on, Kira’s behavior changed dramatically. She began to gather the girls together and read the Bible with them. She motivated them to pray and began to care about others more than herself. She simply returned to the Father…

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