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Category: Stories Published on 05 January 2015

Alina's story awakens pity and compassion in our hearts. Although she is still very young, she has already faced suffering and known what it means to be rejected and helpless. Today, Alina is going through the rehabilitation program in “House of Change”, but what brought her there is very unfortunate.

            It all started when Alina’s mother decided that Alina needed to study at the construction college in the district not far away from home even though it was inappropriate for a girl, especially at her young age. Her mother insisted that she go, arguing that Alina must study in this area because of its specialty, which would lead to work as a constructor in Moscow, Russia. Alina’s mother took control, making an important decision about Alina’s life, but it was a very unwise one.


            Alina went to study construction, but her way of life and studies in that school were totally improper for her. While living in a hostel in difficult conditions and among strangers, Alina became a victim of sexual abuse. The experience was so shocking and traumatic that she became depressed and attempted suicide. Alina's mother found out and felt helpless, believing that she could do nothing to help her daughter recover, leading to Alina seek help from the rehabilitation centre, “House of Change”, which is where things began to change in a positive way. Starting with the first days of psychological consultation and the use of drawing tests, Alina discovered that she was very talented, having no drawing education of any kind. She said drawing was her passion, and indeed we noticed that she had enormous talent.  

Alina had finished primary school and a year of studies in construction, so together we tried to find out how she wanted to go forward. We suggested she apply to art school in order to improve her drawing skills. This was scary for Alina. Even though she loved to draw, the necessary requirements for the application made her hesitate. She was supposed to bring 15 different art works: 5 drawing works, 5 painting works and 5 compositions. At first she thought that there was no chance for her to complete them on time, but hard work and help from our drawing teacher allowed her finish earlier then necessary. It was a great victory, both for her and for us!

            Today Alina studies drawing and is very happy and satisfied with what she is doing. She often helps us to carry out some orders that we receive, or simply creates something beautiful on her own. Not long ago there was a team from “Global Women” that came to our center and I was telling them about Alina and her life. I lead them into the next room where she was working. Someone from the team was amazed by one of Alina’s drawings of a beautiful sunset on a huge field of poppy flowers. She offered to buy it for around 300 lei. This was a great encouragement for Alina, because she understood that it was possible to earn money by doing what she loved. 

            Today Alina is very happy with her life. Even though she went through very difficult moments, she knows now that not everything is lost. Unfortunately her mother doesn’t consider her studies or passion something useful in our days, but in spite of that, Alina continues to draw and to do what she really loves. This is her pleasure and passion, and she feels very loved and encouraged by all the friends and people that are close to her.     

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