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Category: Stories Published on 19 March 2015

Many times, suffering and shortcomings gradually manage to wipe any trace of happiness from the lives of those who experience them. This story is different because speaks about a young mother and her beautiful family that, in spite of all its difficulties, knows what joy is. Her name is Lucia Posnicenko. She is 39 years old and has 5 beautiful children, Mihai, 22, Marian,19, Ion, 13, Maria, 10, and Mihaela, who is almost 2.


            Lucia’s mother was killed when she was a year and a half, so she was raised and educated by her grandmother until she reached majority and got married. Growing in her grandmother's house she received no residence documents, nor a will for the house, so she faced difficulties when she later wanted to get a passport or send her children to school. Also the lack of residence meant she could not receive compensation from the state, money that would come very handy in their situation.

            Still, life together with her husband, away from the parental home dominated by unsettling memories, seemed like a promising new start, but everything until her husband became an alcoholic and was violent towards Lucia. Often he would leave home for a few days to go to another women. In 2001 after a nervous breakdown, Lucia's husband beat her so badly that she needed brain surgery. This brought with it permanent consequences; Lucia often experiences nervous breakdowns that end with loss of consciousness and can no longer go out without being accompanied by one of her children. A few years later, Lucia’s husband actually tried to make peace and return to his family, but his mistress got so angry that she killed him during their fight. This was a very significant loss for Lucia and her family, according to her words: "He was not the best husband, but he was my children's father and it's difficult without him."

            This winter Lucia’s family found themselves in great need for firewood. With their strength, they managed to gather a few bags of corncobs that served as firewood. This ran out quickly and the need was even greater. Lucia came to us and asked for help and, within a few days, we managed to fill her small courtyard with enough firewood for two years. They proved to be very diligent and, in very short time, managed to cut and shelter all the wood. The firewood was a great blessing for them, and they demonstrated their thanks with tears and words of gratitude.

            At the moment, Lucia and her 5 children live in a small rented house. They recently found out that the owner sold it to another man in the village without their knowledge, which means the new owner could come at any time and kick them out. She has no brothers or close relatives to go to in such difficult situations. The only support she has is from her children whom she loves and educates; they are very obedient and disciplined. Lucia's oldest son Mihai studies to become a cook and is a very disciplined and hardworking boy. He spent all of his vacation last summer working in the village to raise enough money to pay for this year's studies, since Lucia is not able to pay his school and Mihai didn't wish to ask for money.

            Lucia came in contact with BOL through her village hall and has been receiving material help from the Humanitarian Aid Project. In February, she and her youngest daughter Mihaela began to attend Early Learning Center “Mommy’s garden“ (ELC), which opened recently. The ELC Center’s purpose is to destroy the vicious circle of poverty that develops and grows roots within the Moldavian families and especially impacts early child development. The center benefits Lucia and Mihaela, plus dozens of other mothers. The center’s impact comes alive through mothers' possibility of spending time together with their children during different activities, which makes the center different from other similar projects. While attending the program, Lucia became very impressed by the pleasant atmosphere, activities and lessons that motivated and encouraged her regarding a proper growth and development of her child.

            BOL's work with Lucia and her family has resulted in many positive changes and much joy for both Lucia and BOL. She became more motivated and encouraged in the education and care of her children, more caring and attentive within the family, and more open and ready to share her problems and worries. She has also developed a fear of the Lord and, within the last visit we made with some guests, she joined our prayers and was amazed and thankful for the attitude and words of our prayers for her family.

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