A strong heart in a weak body

Category: Stories Published on 16 November 2015

Nikita is 13 years old and he is a student within „Rambama” high school in Chisinau. Since he was very small, Nikita was not able to walk because one of his legs is very week so he practically grew up using a wheelchair. In his family, he lives only with his mother and grandmother, but they both show great love towards him and are a great encouragement and motivation for his proper development and education.


When we first met this wonderful young boy, we were very surprised by his erudition and intelligence. He is reading almost everything that comes into his hands and when it comes to speaking, he is very wisely. Thus, within his high school, he is one of the best students, giving most of his time in learning something new from various subjects around the world.

Unfortunately, given his physical limitations, for Nikita is always a challenge when it comes to communication and social integration among his peers. Not being able to spend time outside with other kids, to run or to play football, makes Nikita poor when it comes to friends. The ones he actually has are very few and he is not able to spend too much active time with them.

Nikita came to Place of Change through one of BOL’s aid projects, and when he first came was very surprised to see allot of young teenagers as him having such a good time in a very welcoming atmosphere. He never before encountered such an interesting place where everyone feels like home, like in a family. He immediately fell in love with the pleasant atmosphere and all the conducted activities. At Place of Change, he comes with his mother who is also enjoying the time and the entourage in which her son finds great pleasure.

Along the way, our desire was to create opportunities where he will feel noticed, important and appreciated. Thus, few times, we celebrated his success and amazing knowledge skills within the program, and he was always happy and so grateful to have our attention upon him. He said that within Place of Change he feels like home, welcomed and loved among good friends. We also helped him through our activities and individual discussions to develop those weak parts of his character, understanding his abilities and tools that can make his development qualitative. 

Place of Change creates a very positive environment for such children as Nikita. His presence within the program brought allot of encouragement both for us and for the other teenagers as well. Nikita managed to overcome those few barriers of inferiority that used to make him fill bad most of the time. He has new friends now who show their interest in spending time together with him and get to know him better. He was also encouraged within the project to continue his intellectual development that amazed many of the teenagers and made him feel special. We see a wonderful boy who will grow intellectually and morally changing and influencing people with his way of life. 

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