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Beginning of Life - URBAN CENTER



At Urban Center, located in the heart of the country, in Chisinau, we invite children and young people to receive alternative education, building self-identity, resilient character and life-skills in the ‘Way to Success’ training program and the ‘5D’ multi-dimensional program. Through that we seek to influence and shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders, who will be capable of taking responsibility for making a real difference to the situation in Moldova.


‘Way to Success’ is a two-year training program designed to equip and empower young people aged 16-21 to become self-sustainable and resistant to manipulation and risky behavior. They learn how to build critical thinking, how to take advantage of their ability and talent, following professional orientation and development here in the country.


‘5D’ Program addresses the vulnerability and life difficulties of children and adolescents who are deprived of parental care, facing heavy psychological and emotional instability, and find themselves at higher risk of exclusion, victimization or criminalization. Here children from 8 to 15 years old can find good role models, learn new life skills and improve their intellectual and social abilities while receiving the practical and material support they need.


Every year at Urban Center when the academic year is over we celebrate the successful graduation of about 300 students, both from Way to Success and 5D programs, and also we continue to have new students coming to trainings every year.  

Moreover, we continue to elaborate and publish teaching materials, manuals for both students, teachers and trainers, used not only in Moldova, but outside the country in Ukraine, Russia, Asia and Belarus.




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