As a team we are convinced that the destructive effects of seemingly-unstoppable illegal migration, violence and human trafficking can be reduced by making young people aware and prepared. Therefore, every year during academic semesters our team of social teachers and trainers goes out and works with students in public schools and colleges, equipping them to treat these issues in a more sensitive way. 

Every year close to 10,000 students from various schools in the country attend these prevention classes and learn about ways to protect themselves from exploitation. Asked about relevance of prevention topics for students – 92% of class masters said that our activity and the topics are very relevant and they will continue to have open doors for collaboration.




Appeal, we are not used to…

Dear partners and friends of Beginning of Life We are not used to this kind of appeals, but the situation we find ourselves in now, forces us to do that...   As you know, during the years our team through Educational Program was reaching thousands of children and young people, serving them in schools and in Urban Center, offering awareness and new


Yesterday Students - Today Leaders

Studio of Innovative Leadership successfully graduated two groups of 21 students this year, leaders, young people and adults who are now more equipped and ready to be actively involved in the field of holistic transformation of our society. We look back at the many hours and days spent together in helping our students find answer to the most import


Hand in hand with those in Need

With every step we take, further and deeper into the brokenness and poverty of our society we encounter thousands of precious lives that cry out for a helping hand out of the misery. By doing that, success has never been measured in numbers, although over the years, here at Beginning of Life the numbers have grown, but rather in transformed lives a