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‘Way to Success’ teaching material, 1st year and 2nd year manuals for trainers,

teaching young boys and girls to build self-identity, life skills and

understanding of the realities of adult life, empowering them to become self-sustainable

and resistant to manipulation and risky behavior, up to becoming agents of social transformation.

















‘Way to Success’ Copybooks for students, 1st and 2nd year.







‘5D’ training course comes to help teenagers understand themselves and others around them,

deal with life challenges and to become familiar with its principles, focusing attention through

relevant topics and activities on the development of all 5 life spheres – holistically.  
























‘Be cautious! Your future matters!’ It is a special edition for school teachers and educational leaders, offering relevant tools and methods in form of trainings to deal with such issues as: “Resistance to Manipulation”, “Safety on the Internet”, “Choosing a Profession”, “Personal life Mission”, etc.


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For donations, please use the following requisites:



Asociaţia Obştească “Începutul vieţii”


Adress: str. Pan Halippa 1, m. Chişinău, MD-2009


Identic code:  1012620000079


Bank account(EUR): MD58AG000000022511614135  

                 (USD):  MD73AG000000022511256711 

                 (GBP):  MD27AG000000022511937218

                 (MDL): MD30AG000000022511256709


     Bank  BC “Moldova-Agroindbank” SA  Chişinău

     str. Constantin Tănase 9/1, Chişinău, Republica Moldova,  

     Bank code (SWIFT) AGRNMD2X


Phone number (fax): +373 022-92-51-31




             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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How it all Begin - history of BOL

The ‘Beginning of Life’ was founded in 2000. BOL’s first responses to the acute problems of society were individual consultations with women in the abortion unit of the municipal hospital; and abortion prevention education for teens in schools, as the number of aborted children in Moldova during the year exceeded 50% of the number of children who were born.

The organisation was registered as a foundation helping pregnant women to save their babies. This aim dominated the organisation’s efforts over the next five years, even though it faced an acute shortage of human resources and facilities. In 2005, a turning point came for the organisation as BOL formed agreements with its first partners and received its first grant. From this point on, BOL provided lectures in schools, meetings and seminars with teachers and parents, as well as the consultations with women in hospital.

In 2006, BOL was reorganized to gain an extended official status and opportunities as a public association. In 2007, BOL began to develop a new program to combat human trafficking and sexual violence in Moldova. In February 2009, “House of Change” was established as a rehabilitation center for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. In subsequent years, the team and the range of BOL projects expanded greatly.

Today Beginning of Life continues to focus attention on reaching holistic transformation through 3 main programs: 'Metamorphosis Program', 'Children and Youth Development Program' and 'Studio of Innovative Leadership.' (please look for more detailed information about the programs in the ''WHAT WE DO'' menu)

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SIL is a training platform that applies innovational methods and holistic approach together with a deep experience to equip strong and relevant leaders who can take responsibility and give a voice for their communities, shaping a new vision and action for change. 

SIL is the platform where creative and experimental work takes place, where the mentor can become a student, and the student becomes a mentor learning to see opportunities and apply the knowledge for the well-being of people.


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Our goal is to bring profound social changes both on a local and national level, breaking through the vicious circle of vulnerability and marginalization among people, by uniting, engaging and strengthening civil society of Moldova and empowering a new generation of leaders to ensure sustainable future for the country.




Appeal, we are not used to…

Dear partners and friends of Beginning of Life We are not used to this kind of appeals, but the situation we find ourselves in now, forces us to do that...   As you know, during the years our team through Educational Program was reaching thousands of children and young people, serving them in schools and in Urban Center, offering awareness and new


Yesterday Students - Today Leaders

Studio of Innovative Leadership successfully graduated two groups of 21 students this year, leaders, young people and adults who are now more equipped and ready to be actively involved in the field of holistic transformation of our society. We look back at the many hours and days spent together in helping our students find answer to the most import


Hand in hand with those in Need

With every step we take, further and deeper into the brokenness and poverty of our society we encounter thousands of precious lives that cry out for a helping hand out of the misery. By doing that, success has never been measured in numbers, although over the years, here at Beginning of Life the numbers have grown, but rather in transformed lives a