Urban Centers


 Each Urban Center seeks to influence and shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders, who will be capable of taking responsibility for making a real difference to the situation in Moldova.


  Beginning of Life runs 5 such centers in different regions of the country:

Urban Center Chisinau (center)

Urban Center Comrat (Gagauzia/South)

Urban Center Balti (North)

Urban Center Ungheni (North-West)

Each year over 350 young people aged between 10 and 18 years old are trained within these centers, attending 'Way to Success' courses, 'Be Different' program and 'Life Skills' classes. 


Rural Center Project

The project is focused on empowerment of the rural communities of Moldova through shaping the good and active citizenship capacity and engagement of the local youth, in order to overcome the consequences of labor migration, poverty, inequality and phenomena related to it, which damage the development and sustainability of the communities. The target group of the project are young people and teenagers (12-22 yr.o.) from different rural communities, within Moldova's district communities. 





''Way to Success'' course

From the outset, a key target group of the organisation was high school students, as they are the layer of modern society that is the most receptive and, at the same time, the most exposed to the risks. In 2012, BOL’s education program evolved into youth training centers. For three years, participants engage in interactive and practice-oriented learning within Way to Success course, in the following areas:


    • Life skills development,
    • Building a positive character,
    • Spiritual formation,
    • Critical thinking, 
    • Professional orientation.

This is an educational awareness program with the aim of enabling a new generation of young leaders to respond to the acute needs and problems of local communities and wider society. Moreover, BOL continues to implement educational and preventative work in public life and schools in more than 20 topics, reaching 21,000 students each year as a way to make teens aware of the dangers of illegal migration and human trafficking, as well as various forms of violence, HIV/AIDS, and other social problems.


''Be Different'' program

Adolescence is one of the most fascinating and difficult stages of life, when young people encounter many adult issues for the first time. At this formative age, teenagers are vulnerable to comitting serious mistakes which may threaten their future. 'Be Different' comes as a multi-dimensional program involved in the lives of teenagers who are deprived of parental care, facing heavy psychological and emotional instability, and at higher risk of exclusion, victimization or criminalization. 



Research and publication

Since 2008, BOL regularly conducts research on current social issues and problems within Moldovan society, seeking to fully understand them and find relevant answers. All the results of these studies are published in books, manuals and articles. For isntance, the 'Way to Success' prevention manual for trainings, 
developed specifically for teachers within public schools from our country, with objective to provide prevention support for risky behaviors and social issues. Another one is the 'Way to Success' student's workbook who gives specific directions from self-understanding to ability of self-management, in order to achieve successful development of personality. Plus, other series issued within the program.








Supporting the vulnerable / Life Skills development

According to recent studies, a large percentage of victims of human trafficking in Moldova are teenagers, in particular young girls from high-risk families who are unable to get good education and resort to looking for alternative opportunities on the streets or abroad. In addition, the number of vulnerable families in our country in which parents are suffering from alcohol or drug dependency, are convicted of a crime, or have physical / mental limitations, is increasing every year. Consequently, the number of vulnerable children is increasing. Therefore, BOL serves children and young people from these families. We provide scholarships and coherent support for girls from 14-22 years of age, helping them to continue their studies at school or get a higher education and professional training, along with hope and a chance for a better future.


Sports and health

BOL promotes a healthy lifestyle for people, especially among vulnerable groups of population. Within every Urban Center and schools reached out with awareness teaching our teams organize and conduct various sport activities, championships and tournaments on soccer and table games, as another response of BOL to the disastrous trends that are spreading in the community.













Almost ready for Vacation!

Although summer is here, school year is over and people plan for vacation, here at BOL we continue to conduct some of the final activities with our beneficiaries. Just within the last few weeks, together with volunteers and friends we managed to reach out and interact with more than 300 people, students, teachers, children and their mothers. Psycho


Together for a Better Moldova

We at Beginning of Life do our best to share love and compassion with both our beneficiaries within the projects, but also with the community we live in. Each opportunity to step out, be engaged and serve outside ‘the walls’ brings us great joy and satisfaction.   This time, the ‘Day of Good Deeds event’ was our amazing opportunity to step out and


The 'secret' we want to share with you!

Did you know that our youngest students can’t even read or speak yet? but their little eyes and smiles speak about a huge amount of potential and passion for growing and acting into making the world a better place… Yes, you probably know that we talk about our small beneficiaries, babies and children – students of the Early Learning Center. There a



They need courage to live differently…

During the last five years of House of Change’s existence, there have been several girls who decided to run away from our rehabilitation center. And we understand why they did that. Working for many y


Rescued from captivity...

A news headline at the end of 2013 reported how a man who exploited the children of one Moldavian family for more than 10 years was detained at last by the police. This story developed a direct link t


A miracle of reconciliation…

In 2013 I had to carry out training for 10th grade students from one of the lyceums of the capital. Around 30 students were learning to oppose the manipulation and new kinds of traps set by traffickin