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Psychological Art Studio is designed to enhance psycho-emotional, mental and social wellbeing of people, struggling with pain, fears, anxiety and other consequences of traumatic experiences in their lives.
'Place of Change’ project exists to impact and equip children and teenagers from various backgrounds and status. We believe that what we do builds more than just friendship and good memories, but brings impact into these children’s lives, strengthens their capacities and builds character.
Art Story Shop is an amazing opportunity for young women at risk, single mothers and victims of social injustice and exploitation to discover their great potential, learn new professional skills and become self-sustainable.
The 'Family Garden' is a day center for single mothers and their children, with a maximum capacity of about 100 mothers and children. The center seeks to intervene in the critical situation of single mothers to prevent child abandonment, as well as to empower them to develop their children for a better and safer future.

Pay attention! Your future is at Risk!

Category: News
Created on 21 February 2017

In the first week of December Children and Youth Development Program held a special meeting for 97 teachers coming from various schools in the country, from all three regions, center, north and south.


Going beyond the Limits

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Created on 26 May 2016

Success of social transformation is usually measured by achieved changes in the lives of people and number of actively involved leaders. We believe that alternative and continuing education can make this difference in lives of future and actual leaders in Moldova. Our team decided to go beyond the limits, and designed a different educational set within the context.


How to Measure the Future (video)

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Created on 23 August 2016

With new year of work our joy grows more and more, as we are challenged to reach out numeric and qualitative more young people. For this year, over 300 young people have spent a lot of time with us this, of whom 257 have completed the first and second phases of BOL’s training programmes. They allowed themselves to be influenced by trainers and mentors, while influencing each other and engaging in interactive education along with social transformation initiatives.


There is Hope in the Weakness (video)

Category: News
Created on 25 May 2016

Celebrations within Early Learning Center always bring charm and joy to our small students and their mothers. For each event we try to create a different atmosphere, where both mothers and children join hearts together and grow in relationship as they learn to rejoice and show appreciation.


FOCUS Camp (video)

Category: News
Created on 23 August 2016

FOCUS Camp - the place where over 100 teenagers this summer gathered to bring to life unforgettable moments. Fun games, Olympic competitions, group challenges, trainings, individual and group discussions, singing and dancing, where just few of the activities that made the week of camp unique and beneficial.


Five Dimensions of Real Life

Category: News
Created on 23 May 2016

5D program has been designed within the last year to reduce teenagers' negative behavior and streets influence that often times ends with criminal involvement or makes them victims of violence, abuse and oppression. We decided to help teens find practical ways of avoiding the dangers and develop life skills in all the dimensions of their lives.


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''Stop! Life Threatening'' - Teacher's Manual for Risky Behavior Awareness. No.1
''Stop! Life Threatening'' - Teacher's Manual for Risky Behavior Awareness. No.2
''Stop! Life Threatening'' - Teacher's Manual for Risky Behavior Awareness. No.3
Methodical Complex of Holistic Personality Development
Training Course ''Way to Success" No.1
Training Course ''Way to Success" No.1
''The Impact of Culture on the Adolescent's Morality and Social Transformation''


They need courage to live differently…

During the last five years of House of Change’s existence, there have been several girls who decided to run away from our rehabilitation center. And we understand why they did that. Working for many y


Rescued from captivity...

A news headline at the end of 2013 reported how a man who exploited the children of one Moldavian family for more than 10 years was detained at last by the police. This story developed a direct link t


A miracle of reconciliation…

In 2013 I had to carry out training for 10th grade students from one of the lyceums of the capital. Around 30 students were learning to oppose the manipulation and new kinds of traps set by traffickin