The Urban Center seeks to influence and shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders, who will be capable of taking responsibility for making a real difference to the situation in Moldova.
Meeting face to face with victims of human trafficking, BOL realized that the nightmare these people have faced in their lives could happen again if someone will not give them a helping hand. That’s why, in March 2009, BOL established a center for victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. The name ‘House of Change’ reflects the alternatives provided for women in need of healing:
The purpose of this center is primarily to protect young girls from violence, exploitation and trafficking networks, along with help in developing a consistent and holistic character.
The target groups are victims of domestic violence and sexual exploitation, as well as people who suffer from loneliness and depression. At the same time, BOL aims to identify and develop the skills of gifted children. Arts festivals, exhibitions and fairs bring additional incentives to improve people’s self-esteem and hope for the future.
Recognizing the desperate situations faced by vulnerable groups of Moldovan society, BOL opened a humanitarian aid center with the aim of providing assistance to the most vulnerable and needy.

EU Opened Borders

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Created on 01 June 2015

For two days, starting with May 14th, Beginning of Life had the privilege and honor to initiate and host the Pan European conference named „European Union Opened Borders: Changed realities of human trafficking, exploitation and migration.” The goal of the conference was to open dialog about new realities and challenges of different trends in human trafficking, exploitation and migration, issues that gain land and changed appearance along with the opening of new geographical borders in Eastern Europe.


Always reaching a Helping Hand

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Created on 20 March 2015

Humanitarian Aid Center continued its full activity even during the cold winter period. From December until February, the project has opened many of our beneficiaries' doors and enriched their celebration with material and food products, and also with hope, encouragement, care and love, especially in their difficult period of life.


New Paradigms in Education

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Created on 31 March 2015

Education is the main tool in life when it comes to productivity and success, a vital fact both for students and teachers. That's right! It's not just for students, teachers also need education, they need to grow and enlarge their educational spectrum. In order to bring that to life, 25 March was marked by a special training conducted by one of BOL's social teachers within one of the most prestigious high schools in Chisinau, "Spiru Haret".


Few more steps towards Success

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Created on 20 March 2015

It's always pleasant to hear about young boys and girls who overcome fear, loneliness, insecurity and discouragement, breaking out from those existing vicious circles among their generation. In order to do that, they often need a helping hand. "Way to Success" exists to reach out that hand and face such challenges. Using the right instruments and a well-motivated team, the program creates safe ways towards real life success.


Our mission is Restoration

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Created on 20 March 2015

"Psychological Art Studio" (PAS) exists to touch peoples' souls and hearts through art. Every day, the center opens its doors to show the beauty of God that lies within every human being and to help them see God, the One who makes a difference in peoples' lives. PAS believes that art is one of His instruments for restoration of brokenness, more than just written or spoken words, but as action! This is what about 60 people, regardless of age and nationality, come to experience every day by doing needlework, handcrafting, painting, drawing, and clay work, making the last three months very intense and motivational for both employees and beneficiaries.


They are Not left Alone

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Created on 19 March 2015

Our Reintegration and emergency program continues throughout the year to identify and reach helpless women who suffered from injustice and exploitation. Its main goal is to touch people's hearts by giving a helping hand within their burdened situations. Looking back at this winter, we can sincerely confirm once again that quality, sacrifice, love and hard work were set together to fulfill the project’s objectives.


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They need courage to live differently…

During the last five years of House of Change’s existence, there have been several girls who decided to run away from our rehabilitation center. And we understand why they did that. Working for many y


Rescued from captivity...

A news headline at the end of 2013 reported how a man who exploited the children of one Moldavian family for more than 10 years was detained at last by the police. This story developed a direct link t


A miracle of reconciliation…

In 2013 I had to carry out training for 10th grade students from one of the lyceums of the capital. Around 30 students were learning to oppose the manipulation and new kinds of traps set by traffickin



Since 2008, BOL regularly conducts research on current social issues and problems within Moldovan society, seeking to fully understand them and find relevant answers. All the results of these studies are published in books, manuals and articles.

"New Face Of Human Trafficking"