‘Metamorphosis’ is a multidimensional program that seeks deep and holistic restoration of people who have suffered different forms of violence, exploitation or stigmatization.
'Child & Youth Dev. Program seeks to bring profound social changes both on a local and national level, breaking through the vicious circle of vulnerability and marginalization among people, empowering a new generation of leaders to ensure sustainable future for the country.
SIL is a training platform that applies innovational methods and holistic approach together with a deep experience to equip strong and relevant leaders who can take responsibility and give a voice for their communities, shaping a new vision and action for change.
Art Story Shop is an amazing opportunity for young women at risk, single mothers and victims of social injustice and exploitation to discover their great potential, learn new professional skills and become self-sustainable.

Recharge your Soul

Category: News
Created on 16 November 2015

This summer, Early Learning Center organized a socialization camp for single mothers and their children. The three days were a great time for 28 Mothers and 45 children aged between 1-10 years old coming from different parts of the country. Many young mothers experienced an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and joy for the first time in their lives, having lacked these things in the needy or violent background they come from.


BOL 15th Anniversary Festival

Category: News
Created on 01 June 2015

This year on May 15th Beginning of Life celebrated the anniversary of 15 years of hard work and activity within Moldova. To share their congratulations and words of gratitude more than 400 people overfilled the great number of seats within the auditory with flowers in their hands and big smiles of happiness shining on their faces.


3rd Festival of Success

Category: News
Created on 13 November 2015

In June Way to Success celebrated its 3-rd Graduation where participated over 200 young men and ladies who completed or made a step toward the end of schools studies. As always interactive, brain-burning tasks and activities along with much fun and lots of smiley faces...


EU Opened Borders

Category: News
Created on 01 June 2015

For two days, starting with May 14th, Beginning of Life had the privilege and honor to initiate and host the Pan European conference named „European Union Opened Borders: Changed realities of human trafficking, exploitation and migration.” The goal of the conference was to open dialog about new realities and challenges of different trends in human trafficking, exploitation and migration, issues that gain land and changed appearance along with the opening of new geographical borders in Eastern Europe.


Changing the way future will look (video)

Category: News
Created on 13 November 2015

For more than two years the Way to Success program has been involved in reaching, influencing and growing powerful young generations of leaders who will be able to make real differences here, at home, within Moldova.

This spring we had valuable news coming from all three regions – North, South and Center - where BOL has implemented the program. It gave us great pleasure to see them getting involved with passion in various actions and social projects, changing not only their situations but other people’s lives too.


New Paradigms in Education

Category: News
Created on 31 March 2015

Education is the main tool in life when it comes to productivity and success, a vital fact both for students and teachers. That's right! It's not just for students, teachers also need education, they need to grow and enlarge their educational spectrum. In order to bring that to life, 25 March was marked by a special training conducted by one of BOL's social teachers within one of the most prestigious high schools in Chisinau, "Spiru Haret".


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They need courage to live differently…

During the last five years of House of Change’s existence, there have been several girls who decided to run away from our rehabilitation center. And we understand why they did that. Working for many y


Rescued from captivity...

A news headline at the end of 2013 reported how a man who exploited the children of one Moldavian family for more than 10 years was detained at last by the police. This story developed a direct link t


A miracle of reconciliation…

In 2013 I had to carry out training for 10th grade students from one of the lyceums of the capital. Around 30 students were learning to oppose the manipulation and new kinds of traps set by traffickin



Since 2008, BOL regularly conducts research on current social issues and problems within Moldovan society, seeking to fully understand them and find relevant answers. All the results of these studies are published in books, manuals and articles.

"New Face Of Human Trafficking"