‘Metamorphosis’ is a multidimensional program that seeks deep and holistic restoration of people who have suffered different forms of violence, exploitation or stigmatization.
'Child & Youth Dev. Program seeks to bring profound social changes both on a local and national level, breaking through the vicious circle of vulnerability and marginalization among people, empowering a new generation of leaders to ensure sustainable future for the country.
SIL is a training platform that applies innovational methods and holistic approach together with a deep experience to equip strong and relevant leaders who can take responsibility and give a voice for their communities, shaping a new vision and action for change.
Art Story Shop is an amazing opportunity for young women at risk, single mothers and victims of social injustice and exploitation to discover their great potential, learn new professional skills and become self-sustainable.

Good news from the north

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Created on 23 January 2014

In Moldova people often say, «Share with friends not only the good but also the bad news. But it is better when there is less bad news...»
We are always happy to share with you our good and bad news. Despite the fact that we live in different countries and often are in different parts of the world, God made us partners of His great mission. Within this mission, each of us has our own role, special and precious in the sight of God. We are grateful that you are standing alongside us.


Surpass yourself

Category: News
Created on 26 December 2013

Again this year, the Light of the World Church team along with Beginning of Life ran a ‘Restart’ youth summer camp. With wide experience of carrying out similar camps, this year’s was very special both in terms of the number of participants, and the program. No previous camp had so many participants: including team camp, there were 120 young people aged 16-21 years, the majority of whom also regularly attend church youth club and participate in BOL events.


They still need our help

Category: News
Created on 23 January 2014

Dina was born and raised in a very poor family. After her parents died 11 years ago, she went to live with her two brothers. However, all that she had seen in her parents’ house was  humiliation and pressure. Due to the constant pressure from the brothers as well as very poor living conditions, the girl was forced to leave the family home. She had nowhere to go so she agreed to cohabit with a man from her village. This man was regularly subjecting her to violence and forcing her to consume alcohol. More than that, he started to force Dina to have sex with other men. All this time Dina kept silent.


“The road to myself – the road to God”

Category: News
Created on 26 December 2013

Again this summer, BOL had opportunity to serve 70 single mothers with their little children who were saved from abortion and abandonment, as well as women who have experienced sexual exploitation and violence. For most, this week is the only peaceful time they will have. As usual, we shared with the women about holistic understanding of themselves. We believe that by discovering ourselves as personalities and creatures of God, we inevitably take the road to Him and, as He is revealed, we understand His intent for our lives.


The second step toward the future

Category: News
Created on 22 January 2014

As another year of educational life begins and schools open their doors for thousands of students, the Urban Center starts its new season of activities to give young people new ideas and experience, and to equip them for a better future.

In previous newsletters we have written about our pilot project, ‘Way to Success’. The achievements of this unique educational course encouraged us to continue, with a renewed strategy and improvements.


We got closer to people

Category: News
Created on 23 December 2013

From July 17-23, a BOL team with 17 young ‘Way to Success’ graduates completed a short mission trip to the Carpathian Mountains. The team was part of the ‘Youth for Tomorrow’ movement, seeking to shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders for the responsibilities of bringing change to Moldova.

The trip’s goal was the formation of young leaders alongside practical service to vulnerable children and people in need. After time spent together in training and gathering information, the mission trip became a perfect opportunity to put these things into practice.
Working and living together gave BOL leaders a great opportunity to convey in deeds the integrity of personal character and servant leadership, and to share with the young team members the principles of applying true faith to life.


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They need courage to live differently…

During the last five years of House of Change’s existence, there have been several girls who decided to run away from our rehabilitation center. And we understand why they did that. Working for many y


Rescued from captivity...

A news headline at the end of 2013 reported how a man who exploited the children of one Moldavian family for more than 10 years was detained at last by the police. This story developed a direct link t


A miracle of reconciliation…

In 2013 I had to carry out training for 10th grade students from one of the lyceums of the capital. Around 30 students were learning to oppose the manipulation and new kinds of traps set by traffickin



Since 2008, BOL regularly conducts research on current social issues and problems within Moldovan society, seeking to fully understand them and find relevant answers. All the results of these studies are published in books, manuals and articles.

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