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To introduce ourselves

BOL aims for a comprehensive impact on people’s lives. We see individuals as unique creations of God, meant to live harmoniously with others. Beginning of Life assists those lacking opportunities, addressing physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.
Our goal is to build bridges, preventing exclusion and exploitation.
We empower people, regardless of background, to find their voice, fostering hope and transformation in families and communities.


Vladimir Ubeivolc

Who we are

It was difficult for us to reach new heights, but this did not stop us and we climbed the steps proclamation the glory of the Lord.

Our mission

Restoring the Creator’s original intent for harmonious and holistic personal development and its manifestation in society.

Our values

Emphasizing employee skill growth for greater societal dedication, cultivating open partnerships with regular transparent reporting, and upholding sincere faith in God.

Our team

Passionate and hardworking people from Moldova, who desire to see people together with their families and communities thriving. BOL is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by Moldovans.

Vladimir Ubeivolc

Yulia Ubeyvolk

Serghei Mihailov
Deputy for Public

Our capacity is not enough, our resources are limited but we put all our energy and efforts to bring hope, awakening and transformation in the lives of individuals, families and the communities.

Ana Ubeivolc
Project Assistant

Serghei Procopov

Olga Voronova
Kids Coordinator

Studio of Innovative Leadership

Our goal is to share our practical experience and tools with other organizations and equip leaders in Eastern Europe, Balkans and Central Asia . Our knowledge is deeply contextualised and holistic what can be invaluable when applied in practice, and we have already equipped more than 1000 students. Our primary focus is on fostering a change in mindset and promoting development.

Building Resilience

In vulnerable communities

Building resilience in vulnerable communities through the restoration of traumatized individuals and raising awareness among at-risk populations. We focus on holistic personal and community development and strengthening practical skills. We aim to build what we call the “3E” – Expertise, Engagement, and Empowerment – for sharing within a network of local leaders and initiative groups.



Materials for Leaders

We create programs by translating our practical experience onto paper, developing resources that other leaders can utilize in their work with children and youth. Our programs encompass comprehensive session plans, along with a rich array of visual aids and instruments, providing everything needed for effective training and engagement. We have produced set of materials designed for individuals aged 3 to 21 years old.

Open for partnership
and collaboration

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