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From Moldova with love!

Dear partners and friends.

As you all know the political tensions in our region have evolved into real war in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian people have been forced to leave their homes and flee from their cities seeking safety. During the first week since the invasion there were 112 000 people, mostly women and children, elderly, coming to Moldova (60 000 have left Moldova to other countries by 2.03). Since intensification of the war situation, the wave of refugees becomes even bigger from day to day. Authorities are overwhelmed by the number of people who need help, and most of Moldovan people have responded with open hearts and houses. The Beginning of Life team also is engaged with these people and their needs. But taking into consideration the growing scale of the refugee crisis in Moldova, BOL will work in a special, emergency regime for the following period, adjusting all its resources and capacity to the situation in order to address people's needs and pain. Alongside with basic services as housing, transport and food, repair we provide: - work with children under the age of 7. they don't understand what happened, but they have a lot of fears and it is needed to be addressed; - work with children of school age and teens 8-17: psychological and spiritual support, free time, yard games, etc. - psychological and spiritual support for adults.
Please pray for peace and for people who are in the darkness today.

Researching holistic impact


BOL in its activity aims to reach a holistic impact in the lives of people. A holistic approach to mission perceives a person as the unique, integral and inseparable creation of God, designed to live and develop among other people in the harmonious and consistent way He intends for them. Beginning of Life serves those who are deprived of such opportunities, responding appropriately to their physical needs, supporting them in the resolving of their emotional troubles, assisting them in their intellectual development and following them through their spiritual challenges. We see our task as building bridges between people, helping them avoid becoming excluded, exploited or marginalized. We are aiming to equip and empowering people despite their social status, age, gender or enthnicity to find their voice in society in order to bring hope and transformation in their families and communities.

@ Vladimir Ubeivolc


Children saved from abortion and 150 vulnerable families are supported with aid yearly
Leaders from 20 Countries of Europe, Central Asia and North America have been trained and equipped by BOL yearly
Young people in civil society are reached by awareness and prevetion yearly
Single-parents yearly receive educational support and guidance with their children
Communities out of 10 countries are actively applying educational materials created by BOL
Traumatized children and adults yearly find healing through therapy and counseling




Professionalism and dedication
Transparency and accountability
Cultural relevance


Passionate and hardworking people from Moldova, who desire to see people together with their families and communities thriving.


To restore God's original intent for people’s holistic and harmonious development, true social justice and community transformation.

We are proud of them


It was difficult for us to reach new heights, but this did not stop us and we climbed the steps proclamation the glory of the Lord.


then 200 communities


families with opportunities and knowledge


all ages education center

90 families

yearly recive educational support and guidance